Phreaky-Zee's Own Quotes & Thoughts

"I'm not yawning, I'm roaring...I'm not tired, I'm fierce!"
“I’m not fat, I’m hibernation-friendly”
"Every day that passes just reveals more
reasons to be happy & ways I can achieve it"
"Sometimes I don't have answers...just hugs,
and ways to make you smile"
"In the dreams of my reality,
the stars are sweating & I'm spinning on fire"
"All voices sound the same when
they're screaming through a pillow"
"Hurry up, only the short bus
waits for slow people"
"Sometimes it's really hard to see the
honest through the sleaze"
"Most children are mistakes,
whether the parents think so or not"
 "Living is easy with closed eyes...
it's looking around & living in the moment
that most people find hard"
"There's never a reason to go
behind someone's back,
unless they've already turned it on you"
"What do you do when you realize your soul
is empty and black, because it's a hole...?"
"When someone holds a mirror up in front of you,
don't be mad at them for the reflection you see"
"Only the ignorant think you're running
away from something, when really you're just
running towards your goal" 
"The claimed impossibility of a task is usually
just the state of mind & not the real results
of effort put forth"
"In my dreams, I can see a place I'm wrapped in arms of love & trust,
not the cheating & lies I've had"
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Phreaky-Zee's Own Quotes & Thoughts
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