Green = Accomplished
= Not Yet Accomplished

Misc Tricks & Skills
Butterfly Knife Tricks
Flicking Pennies (Long-Distance)
Handstand/Walk On Hands
Knife Throwing
No Hand Wolf Whistle

Throwing Playing Cards
Juggling 2 items with one hand
Juggling 3 items with 2 hands
Open twist top bottles with forearm

Open twist top bottles with eye
Places/Events To Visit

Ministry Of Sound
Panama (Nov 2006)
Bahamas (Riu Palace - Mar 2010 )

'The Prodigy' Live Concert (Mar 25/09)
Amsterdam (Dec 2011)
Sensation White
Las Vegas (Oct 2010, 2011, 2012)
Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas
Gumball Rally
Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Oktoberfest in Munich
Burning Man

A place with intense Northern Lights

Crazy, Weird, Unusual and/or Stupid
Fire Breathing
Open Beer Can With My Head
Polar Bear Dip (7 yrs @ annual Winter Carnival - 2013 most recent)

Sit on car hood while it's going 60km/hr, then slams on brakes
Make myself a batch of Bacon Flavored Vodka
Make Candied Bacon (Jan 2010)
Do a white russian shot made with a friend's breast milk
Make Absinthe Cupcakes & Absinthe Jell-O Shooters
Fire an H&K MP5, Desert Eagle, H&K G3

Fire an S&W 29 (Dirty Harry), M249, Barret M82, AA-12
Get Tasered

Bungee Jumping
Inhale A Vodka Shot
Eat fresh Ghost Pepper

Stuntman Tequila Shot
Backdraft Shot
Drink White Russian shot made with a friend's breast milk

Misc Personal Accomplishments
DJ for a crowd of 1000
DJ for a crowd of 2500
Get a tattoo (1st one in Nov 2010)
Sell photo for large-scale print (
Photo published in magazine (inside front cover of Pie Mag #2)
Participate in a flair bartending competition:
1) FBA Advanced - Sept 26, 2011
2) TFL #12 - C Division - Nov 30, 2011
Final placing was 27th in FBA Advanced division for 2011 worldwide
Attended Bols Bartending Academy in Amsterdam (Dec 2011)
Create a personal bar in my house (my "man-cave":
7+ Photos used in Choclair's music video for "Made (Move Mountains)"
Appear in a movie (Silent Sam)
Appear in a nationally broadcasted TV show (Rescue Mediums S05E12 - Jan 8, 2011)
Appear in Jägermeister's 2011 Jägerette Calendar (March - firebreathing in the background)
Appear in Jägermeister's 2012 Jägerette Calendar (August - holding surfboard)
+ footage from the shoot can be seen at 1:10 into this video
Become Jägertender Of The Year 2011 for Canada (announced by Jägermeister)
Copiturducken - Dec '08 (Turducken + steak & each layer wrapped in bacon)
Get asked for my number by a Victoria Secret model (& she actually used it!)
Xmas Jäger-Tree (Christmas tree of Jägermeister bottles - pictures: lights on & lights off)
Partied with some of the Toronto Argonauts & The Grey Cup (Dec 1, 2012)
Become an Ordained Minister in 3 religions (Spiritual Humanism,
Universal Life Church, Temple Of Earth)
Grow "Movember" mustache (Nov 2010 - raised $300)
Own a nightclub/bar
Photography Gallery
Phreaky-Zee's Own Quotes & Thoughts
Things To Do
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